Leadership for a Better World Certificate REFLECTION FORM (2021-22)

Welcome to the Leadership for a Better World program reflection form! After attending a program tagged for Leadership Certificate credit, please complete the information below and complete a brief reflection responding to the event you attended.  Once your submission has been reviewed, you will be granted one credit for participation in the program.  

Once you have earned 9 credits, you will have successfully completed the program and will earn a Leadership Certificate and graduation honor cords at Student Recognition Day in April 2022.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Rachael Meads at rmeads@shepherd.edu.
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Title of Program You Attended:
Date of the Program:

To earn a Leadership Certificate credit for the workshop you attended, please respond thoughtfully to the following questions: 1) Describe what you learned from the session you attended. 2) How does this session connect to any of the core values of the Social Change Model of Leadership? 3) How can you apply the information you learned in this session to strengthen yourself, a group you are part of, or your greater community?